popular new year home upgrades

Popular New Year Home Upgrades to Consider

Like with many Januarys past, the early part of a new calendar is often a time where many people make New Year’s resolutions. These may cover a variety of areas, from personal goals to financial areas and more – and for homeowners, a common theme for resolutions is some kind of home improvement or upgrade made in the coming year.

At Crown Finish, we’re proud to offer a huge variety of handyman and general contractor services, from major areas like custom home building and part installation to many other smaller jobs and upgrades throughout the home’s interior and exterior. We’ve assisted countless clients with turning their New Year’s resolutions into reality when it comes to home upgrades – here are a few of the most common areas our clients tend to shoot for within this realm and some important variables to consider if you’re going this route.

Safety Improvements

Perhaps the single most common home improvement many homeowners make, especially during the winter period that falls during the turn of the calendar – and brings ice and related slipping hazards – is some kind of safety improvement. Perhaps your home’s plumbing is experiencing issues due to non-insulated pipes that are leading to freezing and major water damage or slipping risks; upgrading to insulated piping is a great move to consider.

There are many others here, from faulty garage openers to damaged flooring that may be unsafe to walk on. Many also think of their roof during the winter period – heavy snowfall may risk collapsing or damaging parts of the roof, and those who have had these issues in the mast may consider reinforcing or even re-roofing.

Cleaning and Organization

For many, the new year is a great time to do some simple organizing. Things may have become cluttered over the holidays, and now is a good time to reset and ensure everything is in its proper place.

This theme, though, extends beyond basic pickup of items. There are also several home areas where you can improve cleanliness and organization, whether it’s through re-sealing your hardwood floors, re-framing ugly cabinets or replacing siding that’s worn down and is detracting from your home’s curb appeal.

Remodeling of Major Rooms

Finally, many will also take on a major remodeling project as part of their New Year’s home upgrades. You might look to remodel your bathroom or kitchen, two of the highest-value areas in the home, especially if you’re thinking of putting the home on the market in the upcoming years. There are also several other rooms or areas where you might either remodel entirely or infuse some significant upgrades.

For more on various home improvements to consider in the new year, or to learn about any of our handyman or general contractor services, speak to the staff at Crown Finish today.