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There are few elements of a given home more important for structural purposes than the framework, and the team at Crown Finish is here to help with any and all framing services you may be in need of. Our home contractors have years of experience dealing with a variety of framing needs, from basement finishing jobs to room additions, new construction and numerous other needs.

Our staff will assist you from start to finish on all your framing needs. We’ll help you assess the materials and dimensions required based on your project desires, then work with you to source the best materials and handle proper construction and installation needs. Call our staff to learn more about our past framing jobs or any other questions you may have.


At Crown Finish, we’re dedicated to both efficiency and accuracy when it comes to any of your framing needs. Framing is as much an art as a skill, and we have all the technical expertise needed plus the perfect dashes of creativity to take your project over the finish line.

In addition to our creative services, we pride ourselves on accuracy and details. All our frames are constructed using the latest techniques, allowing for structurally sound frames that meet and exceed local and state code requirements. We’re also dedicated to ensuring your project is completed to its exact specifications, meeting your precise vision down to the last inch. We’ve provided framing services for homes and spaces of all sizes, from confined areas to huge spaces that require specialized materials.


Our framing services include a variety of areas, featuring (but not limited to) each of the following:

  • Basement finishing or organization needs
  • New home construction
  • Major home remodels
  • New room or other home additions
  • Accessory buildings such as sheds or others
  • New wall building or other custom projects


No matter which of the above areas you require framing services or any of our other general contractor services for, know that you’re receiving them from the most dedicated professionals in the business. We have over three decades of combined experience on a variety of carpentry, contracting and home construction areas, providing the kind of services you expect from a family business: Loyal, dedicated professionals that don’t rest until your job is done and done right. We strive to build lasting relationships with our clients, relationships that rest on our commitment to excellence and continued service on all the structures we build or modify for you. Our long list of happy clients can attest to the quality and dedication we provide on a daily basis.