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Flooring Installation & Repair

Whether you’re considering aesthetics, practicality, convenience or even home value, there are few areas more potentially impactful in a given home than flooring. When you employ the flooring contractors with Crown Finish, you can rest easy knowing you’re receiving only the very highest-quality in flooring materials and service.

From our pristine hardwood flooring options to multiple other materials in our catalog, we’ve helped numerous Utah clients upgrade or perfect their flooring needs. With over three decades of combined experience in numerous general contractor areas, we’ll assist you with not only all facets of your flooring installation, but also how this area impacts others around your home. Call us today to learn more.


We offer many high-quality materials for your flooring needs, including each of the following:

  • Hardwood flooring: We offer several great hardwood flooring material options, including oak, maple and other darker wood shades. These are some of the finest flooring materials available, with a known positive impact on ROI and home value.
  • Tile flooring: We also provide several varieties of tile flooring, with several materials (porcelain, ceramic, glass) and a virtually limitless array of color and style options to fit your needs.
  • Laminate flooring: If you love the appearance of a hardwood floor but can’t quite afford it, high-quality laminate options are ideal alternatives. They mimic the elegance of hardwood flooring at a far more affordable cost, plus are durable materials that require limited maintenance.


Based on our decades of experience in home contractor services, we know exactly the kind of impact quality flooring installations can have on everything from your home’s appearance to its market value – and our installation services are performed with this knowledge in mind. We’ll work with you on any budget level to meet your precise flooring desires, first offering advice on proper material choice and other basics and then providing efficient, long-lasting flooring installations that pay close attention to detail.

In addition, we’re proud to provide service to all the flooring materials we’ve installed, from minor repairs and upkeep to major overhauls or sealing needs. We stand by the products we install for years into the future, ensuring you get the proper long-term value you deserve from any of the services we provide you.


Throughout any of the processes detailed above, you’ll receive caring and compassionate service from our experienced team of general home contractors. Danny and Austin have worked together for years, providing over 35 years of combined experience to homeowners in numerous areas. They dedicate themselves to not only quality services that match their promises, but also to building long-term relationships with our clients based on satisfaction and trust.