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Drywall repair projects can encompass anything from a few popped nails or sheetrock cracks to closing off an existing door or window. Whether the job is large or small, Crown Finish provides expert drywall and sheetrock repair for your project. We serve customers in Orem, Utah, and the surrounding communities.


Drywall cracks, blisters and holes create an unsightly finish on the walls or ceiling, and the problem only gets worse the more you try to patch or paint over it.

You don’t have to live with dents, dings or doorknob holes in the walls. We can hang, tape and texture for a few small areas of damage or, if necessary, we can install drywall for your entire project.


One of the most common repair projects we tackle is acoustic or “popcorn” ceiling removal. Few projects are more messy or challenging, but that’s where we shine. Or maybe you have some old, stubborn wallpaper that requires removal. If so, we’ve got you covered there, too.

If you’re remodeling or renovating your home, we can follow your mechanical, electrical or plumbing contractor, patching wall penetrations and returning your walls to like-new condition.

Plumbing and ceiling leak repair is another of our drywall repair specialties. Whether the leak left a few discolored patches or brought down an entire sheet of rock, we will restore your walls or ceiling without a trace of the old problem. We will carefully inspect the entire space, to ensure that all damaged sheetrock is cut away and replaced. This helps to prevent any potential mold growth or future problems. While we have the ceiling or wall open, we can look for any hidden damage that may come back to haunt you later.


Alone or as part of our comprehensive interior repair services, Crown Finish can provide expert sheetrock repair as well as caulking and painting. We guarantee we will match your existing texture for an undetectable repair. From orange peel to skip trowel to smooth coat, or team has the experience and skill to create a truly professional result.

We are locally owned and operated, and based in Orem UT. We take great pride in the services we provide our clients. We also guarantee you will be satisfied with our work. Contact Crown Finish today to learn more about our services, and to schedule your drywall repair project.