Ask Your Handyman in Orem: Which Flooring is Best for Kids?

Ask Your Handyman in Orem: Which Flooring is Best for Kids?

Balancing being a homeowner and being a parent makes every home improvement project more complicated, and that includes flooring. Flooring replacement can be a big project, so you want to be sure you’re happy with the final results. But how do you ensure that your flooring is safe for kids and durable enough to stand up to their antics, while also staying within a budget and ending up with a floor you love? It may seem like a difficult task, but Crown Finish is your general contractor in Orem that can help. Here are our takes on which types of flooring are best for families with kids.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is usually considered a more high-end material for flooring due to its price. Thus, hardwood floors might not seem like the best option for children who spill juice, have accidents, and track mud in from the backyard. However, hardwood floor isn’t just pricey because it looks nice — it’s also highly durable. As destructive as little kids can be, hardwood is strong enough to withstand years of playtime. It’s also easy to clean, which is perfect for dealing with frequently tipped-over sippy cups and ever-appearing applesauce smears.

If your hardwood floors do become stained or scratched throughout your child’s most chaotic years, these imperfections can be sanded away later on. The benefit of hardwood flooring’s long lifespan is that you won’t have to worry about picking out new floors every few years.

If you’re particularly interested in maintaining your floors’ appearances through the early years of parenthood, red oak is a great option because its color and graining make scratches, dents, and stains less obvious.


Carpeted floors have both benefits and drawbacks when it comes to families with young children. On the one hand, carpet is great for babies who are just starting to move around on their own, as they cushion falls and prevent injuries. On the other hand, from spit up to formula to diaper leaks, a baby on a carpet is a recipe for stains, and carpets can hold bacteria more easily than solid floors.

However, if you have a particularly clumsy child and you want the peace of mind that carpet brings, or if you know your back and knees won’t be able to handle all that time sitting and kneeling on hardwood, you have some options. Getting a carpet with a low pile option, as opposed to a thicker, fluffier one, makes cleaning stains easier. You can also replace the carpet every few years while still being cost-efficient, as carpet is much cheaper than hardwood.

Other Great Options

If carpeting seems like too much of a headache to clean, but hardwood flooring is out of your price range, laminate floors might be the perfect solution for your family. Like hardwood flooring, they are durable and easy to clean, but they come in at a much lower price point. You can also add an area rug to any hardwood or laminate floors to create a more baby-friendly space without committing to wall-to-wall carpeting.

How Your Handyman in Orem Can Help

Crown finish is your general contractor in Orem that is ready to help make your flooring family-friendly. With years of experience and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we’re just one call away from completing your next home renovation project.