How a Handyman in Orem Can Help Babyproof Your Home

How a Handyman in Orem Can Help You Babyproof Your Home

With a new baby on the way, chances are that you already have a lot on your to-do list. To give yourself time to rest and focus on other tasks, and to ensure safety and peace of mind, you can hire a handyman in Orem to babyproof your home. Crown Finish is the handyman service that does it all, including electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and so much more. Here is your guide to working with a handyman to babyproof your home.


When to Hire a Handyman in Orem to Babyproof Your Home

It is best to start babyproofing your home in advance, as some babyproofing measures take time to get set up or need to be done even before your baby starts to crawl. One example is smoke and carbon monoxide detectors; you’ll want to get these checked before you bring your baby home. Additionally, you’ll want to think about making your home safe for you, as you’ll be carrying your newborn around the house quite a bit. Securing wobbly furniture and installing non-skid liner underneath rugs will help prevent dangerous falls.

As your baby starts moving around on their own — they’ll start scooting and rolling before they can technically crawl — you’ll want to do a second, more thorough round of babyproofing around the house.

Baby Gates

As your baby starts to become more mobile, their curiosity and adventurous spirit is crucial to development, but can also lead to a tumble down the stairs if left unchecked. A handyman can help install custom, removable baby gates at the top and bottom of stairs and in necessary doorways.

Furniture Safety

Between the crawling and walking stages, your baby will likely try to stand up on their own by holding onto furniture and hoisting themselves into an upright position. As helpful as this is to their learning, grabbing onto the wrong piece of furniture could end up causing the furniture to tip over, resulting in injury or even death. Ask your handyman to secure heavy furniture with braces or safety straps specially made for babyproofing. If your TV is not already securely mounted to the wall, use a safety strap for the TV as well.

Safety Locks and Latches

Drawers, cabinets, trash cans, toilets, and anything else with a door or lid that’s in reach of children should have safety locks or latches installed. This will help your baby avoid smushed fingers, big messes, and ingesting something unsafe, such as a household cleaner.

Outlet Coverage

Outlets tend to be low to the ground, making them perfect targets for curious little fingers. Especially if you have a newer home with many outlets, hiring a handyman to install self-closing outlet covers makes it easier to make your home safe.

Crown Finish is your general contractor in Orem that can complete virtually any job. Hiring a professional to help you ensure your home is safe for your baby will bring you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on recovery and bonding with your newest family member.