How Your Handyman in Orem

How Your Handyman in Orem Can Help Make the Most of an Empty Nest

Your general contractor in Orem is here to tell you that being an empty nester isn’t such a bad thing. If your kids have all grown up and gone out into the great big world, you know what a bittersweet feeling it is. You’re proud that your children are independent, but you feel their absence when you pass their empty rooms.

Crown Finish has a solution for you. Turn that bittersweet feeling into excitement by remodeling one of those empty rooms. After all those years of your kids being your whole life, now it’s about you. What do you want to use the room for? Here are our favorite remodeling ideas for empty nesters.

Guest Room

If you don’t already have a guest room in your home, an empty nest is a great opportunity to make one. This will benefit you and your kids — you’ll be able to have guests from out of town over more often, and your adult children won’t be forced to sleep in a rainbow unicorn-themed bedroom when they come home to visit. And if entertaining guests is your thing, take it a step further by knocking down the wall between two kids’ bedrooms to create a guest suite.

Master Suite

While we’re on the subject of knocking down walls, now is the perfect down to create your dream master suite. By knocking down walls connecting your bedroom to your child’s, you now have extra space for the bedroom you’ve always wanted. This is a great solution if storage has been an issue for you and your spouse because you can use the extra space to have his and hers closets built. Plus, this project gives you an excuse to redecorate your bedroom.


From painting to pottery to scrapbooking to photography, you can use your newfound extra space to build a room that allows you to immserse yourself in your hobbies. It’s easy to forget about our creative sides when all of our materials have to stay packed away in a closet or under the bed to save space. But with a studio, you not only can have easy access to your supplies, but you can also make a mess. Maybe before it wasn’t practical to leave your sewing machine and fabric bolts out with kids running around, but now you can! Get back into what makes you happy.

Home Theater

You may not think you’ll be able to find a use for your adult son’s dingy old basement bedroom, but the lack of natural light can actually come in handy in building a home theater. You can install cushy recliners, a projector, and a speaker system. Complete the movie theater fantasy with a popcorn machine and a minifridge stocked with cold drinks. This is also the perfect place for dad to watch the game.

Your Trusted Handyman in Orem

These are a few of our favorite suggestions, but the possibilities are endless. To get started on your empty-nester-turned-interior-designer remodeling project, give Crown Finish a call today.