5 Summer Deck Design

5 Best Summer Deck Design Ideas From Your Handyman in Orem

Summer is finally here, which means the weather is perfect for getting outside. With the right deck setup, you won’t want to stay cooped up inside for very long. At Crown Finish, one of our specialties is finish carpentry in Orem, and that includes building you your dream deck. If you want a custom outdoor space built to suit your lifestyle, but aren’t sure where to start, here are five deck design ideas for summer.

1. Island Deck

This understated deck choice is perfect for those who prefer a minimalist backyard. With hidden fasteners, island decks can be placed anywhere in the yard, rather than being attached to the house. Island decks also are good for yards where gardening and landscaping are the main events. Because of their minimalist appearance, island decks create an outdoor space for seating and gathering without detracting from the rest of the yard.

2. Deck With Pergola and Swing

A deck with a pergola provides more than just shade and a timeless, European look — it’s also the perfect place to attach a porch swing. Whether you want a classic, love seat-sized swing for reading or chatting, or you want a hanging daybed to create the perfect relaxation spot outdoors, a pergola with a swing will never disappoint.

3. Deck With Wall For Moveable Planters

We don’t necessarily think of decks as having walls, but living walls are growing in popularity, especially for avid gardeners. One to two walls are recommended for this type of deck so that the space remains open and well-integrated with your backyard. And you don’t want the wall to be solid either. Rather, wooden slats are a good choice because they let light in and they are conducive to attaching planters to create the lush, modern, living wall look.

4. Barbecue and Dining Area

For many of us, summer is the season of barbecuing. Imagine standing by the grill on a cool summer night with your friends and family close by, keeping you company in the nearby outdoor seating area while they wait to be served homemade, delicious barbecue. A deck built with summer barbecues in mind is one that will serve as a gathering place where memories are made.

5. Deck Attached to the Pool Area

If you’re looking to upgrade your pool area, attaching a deck is a great way to do that. Deck railings are the perfect place to hang wet towels to dry, especially for a pool party with many guests, and you can create the perfect seating area for sunbathing, reapplying sunscreen, and keeping an eye on the kids without getting splashed.

The Handyman in Orem That Can Help You Get Your Dream Deck

Crown Finish is a family business with decades of collective experience, so building your perfect deck should be a breeze. If you contract us to build your deck, we’ll start off with a consultation between you and our team of professionals to figure out how we can best execute your vision. You can show us pictures of decks you like, and we’ll talk about what materials we should use. After that, we start working on gathering materials, pricing the project, and eventually getting started. Crown Finish is the general contractor in Orem that can best help you get the deck you want.