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Basic Qualities, Pros and Cons of Wood Laminate Flooring

If you’re considering new or upgraded flooring for any part of your home, you’ll have several good options. From hardwood options to tile selections and several others, there are a variety to choose from – and for those with limited budgets, one great potential material is laminate, or wood laminate flooring.

At Crown Finish, flooring contractor services are just some of our comprehensive general contractor and handyman solutions, which span numerous areas of your home. What exactly is wood laminate flooring, why might you consider it for your home, and what are some of the general pros and cons associated with it? Here’s a quick primer.

Wood Laminate Basics

Wood laminate flooring actually refers to multiple layers of material that are laminated together, hence their name. The bottom layer here will usually be one made from a combination of plastic and wood fibers, over which a photographic applique of wood is applied.

On top of this comes a clear protective layer that’s meant to keep the floor clear of potential damage. The end goal, when installed correctly, is for wood laminate flooring to match the aesthetic of standard hardwood or even certain other grains or textures, but to do so at a lower cost and with a sealed surface that is not at quite as high a risk of water or other forms of damage.

Benefits of Wood Laminate Floors

As we noted above, the largest benefit of wood laminate flooring for some is the price. While still coming in at a very high quality, wood laminate is often as much as three times cheaper than true hardwood, if not even slightly more so.

In addition, installation of wood laminate floors is typically much simpler and less costly than other floor types. Most laminate, for instance, is designed with tongue and groove edges that make installing it incredibly easy, especially for contractors like ours. On top of this, wood laminate is strong and durable, plus resists scratches more effectively than hardwood.

Possible Drawbacks of Wood Laminate Floors

Now, there might be some potential drawbacks of wood laminate depending on your situation. For one, these floors cannot be refinished – in cases where they deal with damage, such as for standing water, they require replacement instead. For this reason, it’s important to check the warranty of laminate flooring to ensure these risks are covered, as certain cheaper versions might not. However, if you have the proper protection just in case such an event occurs, there are very few real drawbacks to wood laminate flooring for those with a limited budget.

For more on why you might consider wood laminate floors in your home, or to learn about any of our flooring or other general contractor services, speak to the staff at Crown Finish today.