Are you looking for a high-quality, durable fencing option for your home that’s installed by experienced, dedicated professionals? You’ve come to the right place. At Crown Finish, we have years of experience helping Utah homeowners find and install the perfect fence, with additional repair and maintenance services also offered.

We’re a local family-owned company that takes pride in every job we complete, large and small. You’ve surely seen our fences around Orem and other nearby areas, and we’re happy to provide anyone within the community with sturdy, gorgeous fencing options that come at an affordable, transparent price.

Fencing Materials

We work with all of the common fencing materials used today, including wood, aluminum, vinyl, chain link and any other you are in need of. We can create a number of different fence formats, from traditional picket options to detailed sloped fences that contour to the terrain on your property.

In addition, we can include various additions such as gates or entryways as needed. Whether you’re installing a high privacy fence to block noise or a smaller picket fence mostly for aesthetic and property boundary reasons, we have you covered with detailed, professional services.

Installation and Other Services

Before installing your new fence, we’ll sit down with you for a consultation regarding your budget, the materials you desire, the size and scope of the project, and any other relevant areas. We’ll offer you a pricing quote with transparent features based on all the services we’ll be providing for you, and we won’t lift a finger until you sign off.

Once we get started, we offer you the highest quality fence installation services you can find around Utah. We pride ourselves on top-notch craftsmanship, from digging the proper hole size for fence posts to using quality materials for post settling and balancing every area of the fence as needed. Our numerous happy clients can attest to the detail and care we put into our fence installations, including careful attention to your property boundaries so you have absolutely no issues with neighbors or the city in terms of your fence placement.

In addition, we offer quality maintenance and repair services for the fences we install. We are dedicated to ensuring your fence remains a quality element of your property for years to come.

Our Trusted Team

No matter what type of fence we’re installing or the services we’re providing you, you can rest easy knowing you’re receiving them from trustworthy, experienced professionals. Danny and Austin have been in the handyman industry for their entire adult lives, with 35 years of collective experience. They strive to build lasting relationships with clients, the bedrock of our family business that continues to thrive today due to our commitment to quality and transparency.

To learn more about any of our fencing installation or maintenance services, speak to the staff at Crown Finish today.