One of the most difficult and precise home services out there is tiling, and the team at Crown Finish is proud to serve as your one-stop specialists in this area. From the design and concept phases to installation and maintenance of any tile material or setup, we’ve assisted numerous Utahns with their tiling needs throughout the home.

Looking for traditional tile flooring in one of several areas, from kitchens and bathrooms to other parts of the home? No problem. What about tile in non-floor locations, such as backsplashes, shower or tub surrounds and more? We’ve got you covered here as well. Contact us today to learn more about our varied tiling techniques and services.

Tiling Materials and Techniques

Modern tiling is available in several materials, and our general contractors are qualified and experienced with each of them. Perhaps the most common are ceramic and limestone, which we’ve installed and maintained for countless clients; we also provide options likes late, rubber and stainless steel for varied tile needs, with full expertise in each of these areas.

We’re also a full-service company when it comes to tile. That means we’re here to do more than simply provide you with tile materials – we also work with you from start to finish on any tiling job, including design and setup but also including important areas like professional sealing. For existing tile jobs, we’re happy to provide basic maintenance and upkeep, plus minor repairs when necessary.

Applicable Areas

Tiling is a process that can be carried out within several areas of the home, some more common than others. The most frequent here are well-known, from kitchen and bathroom floors to tile for tubs or showers, tile for backsplash areas and more – all of which we’re happy to provide.

We’re also here to provide tiling services in many other home areas, including those that are somewhat unique. We’re happy to offer tiling for swimming pools, for instance, and for related hot tub or sauna areas. We also provide related services like shower tray and enclosure fitting, plumbing assistance and more.

Quality Team

At Crown Finish, tiling is one of our specialties. Our staff has been providing tiling services to Utahns for years in all range of styles and materials, and we’re experienced with virtually any design you can come up with.

And of course, our standard client-first business practices always apply. We’re fully licensed and insured as general contractors, plus work based on a transparent pricing structure that keeps our clients in control. We’ll never present you with hidden fees or surprise late costs that weren’t part of the initial conversation, ensuring you get the very best in tiling and other handyman services no matter your needs.

For more on any of our tiling or other general contractor services, speak to the staff at Crown Finish today.