For everything from safety and practicality to aesthetic qualities, home lighting is a vital element to stay on top of. At Crown Finish, we’re proud to offer numerous lighting contractor services for all our clients, assisting with a variety of lighting needs to keep your home or building well-lit, safe and appealing for both residents and guests.

Whether you require installation of a new lighting system, tweaks to a current one or simple repairs that require basic electrical expertise, you can count on our professionals. We’ve been providing electrical services to Utahns for years in addition to our numerous other general contractor solutions, and we’re familiar with all major lighting brands and modern technologies. Call us to learn more about our detailed lighting services.

New Lighting Installations

Whether for a new home build, a major remodel or just some simple desired replacements, we’re happy to offer full-service lighting installations for any home or building. We’ve handled entire lighting systems for a completely new home without any issue, but we’re just as happy to change a single fixture out for you to replace it with a better option – and we’ll treat every job with the same care and quality no matter the size or scope.

We’re also proud to carry multiple lighting formats and options depending on your needs. We stock recessed lights for ceilings and moldings, but also LED lights and various displays. You should also inquire about our outdoor and security light options.

Lighting Changes or Repairs

In many other cases, you may have a certain lighting area or element you want to tweak or change without overhauling the entire system. We have extensive experience making alterations to existing light features, whether this is to meet a new aesthetic you’re going for in the room or to upgrade to a more efficient lighting format.

In addition, we also offer high-quality lighting maintenance and repair wherever it’s required within your home. If there are any lighting areas you’d rather not worry about for safety or other reasons, from minor bulb changes up to circuit or related issues, we’re here to help keep you safe and well-lit.

Our Trusted Team

No matter which of our lighting or other services you require, you’ll receive them from dedicated, experienced general contractors who put your needs first. Danny and Austin are both well-known, reputable contractors throughout Utah, with decades of combined experience in numerous handyman areas between them.

We only offer transparent, honest pricing structures, and will never lift a finger for any work without your approval. This caring approach is how we’ve built many lasting relationships with home and business owners, many of whom count on us for all their handyman needs.

Call the pros at Crown Finish today to learn more about any of our lighting or other services.