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Pet-Friendly Remodel: Outdoor Access, Noise, Finishes

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on how to prepare your home for a remodel if you have pets who live with you. Major remodeling projects can make pets uncomfortable and may displace them, but there are some very simple ways to ensure that neither pets nor humans are put at risk in any way during this process.

At Crown Finish, we’re here to help with a huge range of remodeling projects for Utah clients, and we’re experienced in dealing with pets or any other specific circumstances within your home. While part one of our series went over some themes like having a dedicated pet space, using blockers and keeping their comfort area available, today’s part two will dig into some other simple tips for managing pets during a remodel.

Ensure Outdoor Access

For any pet that needs to spend time outdoors, and particularly dogs who need to use the bathroom outside multiple times per day, it’s essential to make sure they still have access to their regular outdoor areas. If your home is blocked off or it’s difficult for the pet to get outside, consider setting up a makeshift entry and exit area which will provide access while also preventing them from wandering into work zones.

This may require a little bit of planning, as well as collaboration between you, your contractors and any other people who need to be involved. However, with the right preparation, this can be accomplished fairly quickly and easily.

Schedule Noise-Free Times

Noise from construction projects is inevitable, but it can cause a lot of stress for both pets and humans alike. To minimize this, try to schedule periods of time when you can be noise-free. This will give your pets a chance to rest and relax without any background disruption.

If you can’t completely eliminate construction noise from your home during the remodel, consider using white noise machines or other soundproofing methods to reduce the impact on pets and other residents.

Invest in Pet-Friendly Materials and Finishes

Finally, when it comes to materials and finishes, always choose pet-friendly options. This means investing in items that will not cause potential harm to your animals if they come into contact with them. It’s also wise to avoid harsh chemicals or finishes that may be harmful if inhaled or ingested.

By taking these precautions, you can ensure that your home remodel proceeds without any accidents or issues with your beloved pets.

At Crown Finish, we understand the needs of pet owners and always make sure to work with them to create a safe environment for everyone in the house during a remodel project. To learn more about how we can help you with your remodeling needs, contact us today!