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Master Bedroom Remodeling Themes: Expansion, Lighting

Among many areas of your home you might be considering remodeling, the master bedroom is one of the most common and meaningful to many homeowners. They tend to come with no major plumbing or water-related needs, which makes jobs somewhat simpler, and offer numerous different ways to revamp one of the most well-used rooms in any home.

At Crown Finish, we’re here to help with all your remodeling needs across Orem, including for bedrooms of any kind. In this two-part blog series, we’ll go over some of the various ideas and themes people consider for bedroom remodels – and we’ll start things off here in part one with a quick look at why master bedroom remodels are popular and often beneficial to begin with.

Why Master Bedroom Remodels Are Often Beneficial

Firstly, they can help add a lot of value to your home. Since the master bedroom often serves as an oasis within any house, potential buyers may be more likely to view it favorably and make a purchase.

Similarly, if you plan on doing some renovations for yourself, then you’ll have improved your living conditions in what’s usually considered the most important room in the house. You’ll have the pleasure of enjoying an improved, more comfortable interior environment that serves to make you feel welcomed and relaxed after a long day of work or school.

Finally, when it comes to resale, master bedroom remodels may also help you get some good returns as well. With all its benefits taken into account, remodeling this room could be a great investment.

What are some of the main themes you might consider for your master bedroom remodel? Our next several sections, and on into part two of our series, will look at this.

Expand Into Other Rooms

Let’s start out with a bang and look at one of the most involved and ambitious remodel ideas: expanding the master bedroom into other rooms. This will generally require knocking down one or more walls, so it’s worth considering carefully beforehand.

Expanding into a den is a common option here, and it can create a large and open space for you to enjoy. Not only does this give your bedroom an overall more spacious and luxurious feel, but it can also end up being quite energy-efficient.

Mood Lighting

Another popular master bedroom remodel idea, one that will usually require a bit less effort and cost than the above, is to take advantage of various forms of mood lighting. This could come in the form of LED strip lights around the bedframe, or perhaps soft lamps that provide just the right amount of illumination for reading or relaxation.

Whichever you end up going with, the result can be a cozy and inviting atmosphere that’s just perfect for winding down after a long day.

These are just two of the many ideas you may consider when it comes to remodeling your master bedroom – and in part two of this blog series, we’ll go over several more. For more here, or to learn about our range of remodeling services in Orem, contact us here at Crown Finish today.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping to make your home a more inviting and comfortable place!