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Home Energy Efficiency Tips: Insulation, Ventilation, Appliances

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basic tips on how to improve and optimize your home’s energy efficiency. Having an efficient home is important for everything from keeping your costs down to helping the environment, and there are several basic approaches you can take to improve this area 

At Crown Finish, energy efficiency is a regular concept found throughout our general contractor any handyman services for Orem clients, whether you’re coming to us for electrical work, drywall and outdoor services, remodeling needs or any of dozens of other services we provide. While we went over things like energy audits, inspections and lightbulb upgrades in part one, today’s part two of our series will go over some additional approaches to keeping your home energy efficient in a broad sense. 

Insulation Usage

One of the single most important materials when it comes to energy efficiency in your home is insulation. This is often overlooked when it comes to efficiency, but it’s a key component of ensuring your home holds in the energy you’re using as much as possible. 

Proper insulation helps keep hot and cold air flows from escaping or entering too quickly, which in turn helps cut back on those expensive monthly bills. Be sure to talk to your general contractor about exactly what type of insulation is best for your home and how much you’ll need.

Increase Ventilation

Ventilation is another important factor when it comes to getting the most out of your energy efficiency efforts. Good ventilation helps keep fresh air moving through your home, which in turn can help offset some of the energy losses due to things like excess humidity or heat buildup in certain areas. 

You can increase ventilation by adding a few fans, using air fresheners or other solutions for controlling humidity levels, and even making sure your windows are open during certain times of the year to let fresh air in. 

Upgrade to Efficient Appliances

In some homes, some of the biggest energy sappers are older appliances. If you’ve been living in your home for a few years, it may be time to upgrade to more energy-efficient models. Not only will this help you keep your energy bills lower but it can also save you money in the long run as well due to less frequent repairs and maintenance needs on older appliances. 

Energy-Efficient Windows

Finally, it’s a good idea to look into investment in energy-efficient windows. Newer models are designed to keep the hot and cold air from getting too extreme in an indoor setting, which helps lower your overall energy costs significantly. 

These are just some of the many tips for improving your home’s energy efficiency. At Crown Finish, we are proud to be a provider of general contractor and handyman services in Orem, Utah and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your energy efficiency needs!