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Color Psychology for Paint: Invigorating Colors

In part one of this two-part blog series, we discussed how certain colors interact with basic psychology when it comes to various home features or designs. We looked specifically at “calming” colors like blue, green and white, many of which are used for areas where relaxation or similarly calming needs are present.

At Crown Finish, it’s our pleasure to assist clients with a huge range of handyman solutions around Orem, including all your home painting needs. Today’s part two of our series will switch gears a bit and look at several “invigorating” colors – colors that are often used to increase energy and add optimism and creativity to a given room or feature. Here are some top examples to consider.


One of the most well-known invigorating colors is red. Red can have both a stimulating effect and an energizing one, making it great for any area that needs to increase productivity or focus. Red can also be useful in areas where increased vitality is desired, such as children’s bedrooms or playrooms.

When you’re considering red in your home, remember that it can be a difficult color to work with. While it’s usually best used as an accent color, too much of it can cause fatigue for some people and is not advised for bedrooms or similarly calming areas.


Yellow is another highly common invigorating color, and it’s a great choice for places such as kitchens or dining areas. Yellow is often seen as cheerful and optimistic, which can make it the perfect addition to any area that needs additional life or brightness. Like red, however, too much of it can be hard on the eyes and cause strain.

For this reason, it’s often best to combine yellow with other colors, such as white or beige. This helps it stand out without being overwhelming.


Another great invigorating hue is orange – often thought of as the perfect balance between red and yellow. Orange is a great color for rooms that are used regularly, such as home offices or game rooms, as it can help to create a cheery, vibrant atmosphere.

Like red, orange should usually be used sparingly in your home – too much of it can make a room feel overwhelming and even chaotic. It’s best when used as an accent color, and combined with lighter shades like white or cream.


While you may not have thought of it as an invigorating color at first, black can be surprisingly useful when used correctly. Black is often seen as mysterious and bold, adding a sense of elegance or sophistication to any room. In the right setting, this can help to add energy and power – perfect for places such as hallways or entrances.

It’s important to be careful when using black, however – too much of it can easily make a space feel dark and oppressive. For this reason, it’s best used as an accent color in combination with lighter shades such as white or silver.

At Crown Finish, we understand the importance of finding the perfect color for a given space. Whether you’re looking to add energy or create a calming atmosphere, our team of experts can help you find the ideal hue for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services in painting or any other handyman area you have a need for.